JIGYASA Learning through Visuals

Conceived in August' 2014 and conceptualised in January' 2016, 'JIGYASA' takes each one of us down the magical memory lanes of our childhood days; where everything was a mystery to our uncomplicated minds, when the simplest of phenomenon intrigued and tickled our endless curiosity- our JIGYASA.

Each one of us eternally questioned adults- Our "why's and what's" could get the other person to give up the most important chores and attend to the urgency in our questions.

But no amount of answers seemed to quench our thirst for curiosity- our JIGYASA. We continued asking and learning each minute, evolving and being who we are, building ourselves every minute, bit by bit.

As it is wisely said, "You become old only when you stop learning"

Isn't this statement a testimony to the fact that learning should never end? If the answer is yes, how can we forget that the fuel we need to keep Learning is curiosity- JIGYASA.

Research says that a huge dip is witnessed in a child's curiosity between the ages of 5 to7 years and sadly: it never returns to where it once was. This study symbolises the fact that a child learns lesser and maybe just accumulates/crams more, as he grows.

Research also states that children learn far more through visuals that intrigue and confound their little minds. Colours, designs and patterns help them retain better for the future, as they make subtle mental associations with visuals.

Keeping the aforementioned findings in mind, our team of Researchers, Psychologists, Academicians and Designers brainstormed to create "JIGYASA"- a Holistic Revolutionary Information Bulletin.

"JIGYASA" enhances children's learning through visuals and is conceptualized as a visual stimulus essential for the success of "Critical Learning in Early childhood stages". The bulletin is designed under the guidance of Psychologists, Education experts, Parents and Multimedia professionals. Each column of the bulletin is strategically designed to enhance a specific part of the brain. This further facilitates students in different age groups to read effectively, understand clearly, learn quickly and retain strongly.

Through JIGYASA, we focus on the Holistic Development of children and provide them with an assortment of news, information and activities to initiate and develop cognition. Graphical and caricature based JIGYASA is loved by our children all across, who eagerly await their copies eagerly every month.

Our USP is the thought behind JIGYASA, which is novel and unchallenged.

JIGYASA, apart from "just the academics" is a monthly Bulletin that focuses on Holistic Development of a child across fourteen different developmental arenas; namely:

  • Life Skills- Routine Management
  • Jiggy's Special- Motivational Stories with a Moral
  • Current Affairs- What's happening around?
  • General Knowledge- Discoveries & Inventions that intrigue
  • Student's Platform- Encouraging Performance & Showcasing Talent
  • Edutainment- Learning through Media & Entertainment
  • Activities Corner- Concept Building in a Play way
  • Fit & Fine- Benefits of Healthy Diet, Nutrition & Exercise
  • Creative Skills- Art & Craft
  • Good Manners- Grooming & Personality Development
  • Sports- All about Sports & Sportsman Spirit
  • Management Skills- Building Tiny Managers
  • Parenting Tip's- The Do's & Don'ts of Parenting
  • Spirituality ascent- Making Praying a Habit

Under the supervision of specialists, Jigyasa, is designed to follow an infallible pattern that promises Cognitive Development by working on the Frontal, Parietal, Occipital and Temporal Lobes along with the Pre Frontal & Frontal Cortex and Peripheral Nervous System of a child.

JIGYASA, caters to three different segments:

  • Pre Primary Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Special Schools

*Each segment receives customised copies basis the age of the students and mental abilities of that age group.

I'm Jiggy and I'm thrilled to be a part of your child's life. I am the first Tangible Education Mascot who will be your child's companion in his/her Academic & Holistic journey ahead.

I will get Jigyasa- A Holistic Visual Information Bulletin, to your child each month and ensure that the child enjoys learning through visuals, illustrations & caricatures. Our aim is to intrigue and mystify the child and tickle his/her curiosity. As we believe a child learns as long as he questions.

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