Time is witness to the fact that the need for Daily Life Management (ADL) is far more essential than Academic orientation for children with special needs. The requirement for making them self reliant in daily chores, self dependent in day to day worldly dealings, and suitably equipped to understand and cope with the environment in which they live, took preference over bookish knowledge. We work in the same direction through our 18 Holistic workshops held once every month.

The possibilities are endless through our workshops. To name them:

  • Healthy Life Style - Balancing Mind, Body & Soul
  • Social Etiquette - Meeting & Greeeting
  • House Keeping - Hygeine & Sanitisation
  • Personality Development - Body Language & Self presentation
  • Table Etiquettes - Being Prim & Proper
  • Value for Money - Calculations/ Exchange & Usage
  • Usage of Mobile Phones - Operating & Managing a phone
  • All about Internet - Being Net Savvy
  • Visual Learning - Learning through Animation & More
  • Horticulture - Plants & Plantation
  • Personality Development ( Adv)- Hair Do & Make up
  • Industrial Visits - Hands on exposure
  • Dramatics / Theatre - Stage is your world
  • Road Safety - Transportation & Traffic Rules
  • Bank & Banking - Self reliance in small Bank Dealings
  • Photography - Seeing the world through the Camera's eye


They enable and empower students to be independent and self reliant in Daily Living Activities. Making them more knowledgeable, aware and confident to perform functions and dealings effectively.

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