Ability Enhancement Multimedia Program

Ability Enhancement Multimedia Program (AEMP) is a range of various pre-vocational, vocational and skill building educational programs for person with diverse needs to enable and empower them through technology, multimedia and art based work-oriented programs.

It is a unique blend of creativity, which helps thestudent to learn through play and to develop their ‘thinking skills’. The user of AEMP says “AEMP has not onlychanged the traditional dimension of vocational education but also has been proved as MULTIMEDIA THERAPY”.AEMP works in three categories i.e. Regular (In Person) where the child comes to a particular associate’s premises/Learning Center and grasps his/her education face to face.

Another aspect is Online (Virtual) where our faculty teaches a batch of beneficiaries who can’t be reached physically; through online communication classes. Final one isDistance (Home-Based) classes which is specially designed to leave no stone unturned .This mode is reaching to the most extreme situation in which the beneficiary isn’t able to attend classes either physically or virtually. We make the family of beneficiary get educated and well trained with pedagogy regarding the curriculum of the whole month so that they can forward it to their ward at the comfort of their home.